mobile digital imaging service at its finest
One film — One Workflow
We ensure the safety, quality and artistic look of a movie throughout the complete shooting process according to the needs of your film. In Pre-production we set up communication and coordination between the on-set media production team and the Post-production team. We design a specific workflow for each and every project to ensure that the technical setup and processes will meet your creative ambitions.
Why us? 
Thanks to our mobile studio we can guarantee a professional calibrated light and colour environment and provide a safe place for the first reviews of your creation, for LTO back ups and raids. The vehicle comes with 3 hours power autonomy, which is expandable on demand. Soon it will go Green: powered by pre-installed solar panels. All our services are scalable to your needs and project sizing.
Simon Veroneg and Bertrand Glosset​​​​​​​

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